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HAVE WE GOT NEWS for you, folks: In addition to the already-overcompensating lineup for our final show, we’ve just added two names to June 12’s bill that we couldn’t be more thrilled about.

PAUL TOBIN is the writer of the Eisner-winning Bandette, with artist Colleen Coover; his newest book just so happens to be a collaboration with another Comics Underground guest, Ben Dewey. It’s called I Was the Cat, out in June from Oni Press. It’s about a cat. I LOVE CATS. SOLD.

CAT FARRIS is a Portland-based illustrator, web cartoonist, and artist on Dark Horse Comics’ upcoming Emily and the Strangers miniseries; she’ll be presenting her adorable minicomic Flaccid Badger. It’s about a badger. I am… badger neutral, but I LOVE THE WAY CAT DRAWS BADGERS. SOLD. I also love the way she draws tiny Wolverines.


All the details about the VERY FINAL FOR ALL TIME Comics Underground—including who the guests are who aren’t Paul and Cat—can be found right here. It all goes down soon—Thursday, June 12—and we’ll see you there.

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Announcing the Final Comics Underground!

Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

SINCE WE STARTED Comics Underground, waaay back in 2011, Alison and I have been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s greatest comic book artists and writers to produce an event that—if we do say so ourselves—has turned into something pretty special.

And now we’re going to stop doing it. Quit while the quitting’s good, we always say. (Okay, we’ve never said that before, but we’re saying it now.) For the final installment, we asked four of our very favorite creators to return to Comics Underground to help us blow the goddamn roof off the joint. They graciously agreed.

• BENJAMIN DEWEY (Planet of the Apes, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) will be presenting work from The Tragedy Series, which is, as everyone knows, the single best thing on the internet.

• JOËLLE JONES (Helheim, You Have Killed Me) is creating something just for this. GO BACK AND READ THAT AGAIN, and to reiterate: Joëlle Jones is making something just for this, the final installment of Comics Underground. Shit. That more or less justifies the existence of the entire event, doesn’t it?

• JEFF PARKER (Batman ’66, Agents of Atlas) will help us fix a glaring and humiliating problem that has plagued Comics Underground from the very beginning: a critical deficit of Aquaman. I probably should’ve mentioned before now that Parker is currently writing DC Comics’ super-fun Aquaman series.

• MATT FRACTION (Casanova, Hawkeye) will be bringing his beloved Sex Criminals to Comics Underground. There’s a reason everybody can’t stop raving about the funny, sweet, sexy Sex Criminals, even though just typing the title probably puts you on some government watch list.

So mark your calendars: The final Comics Underground will be on Thursday, June 12, at 8 pm at the Jack London Bar (529 SW 4th, Portland, Oregon). 21+, admission $5. Be there.

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