So, yesterday? Not comics’ finest hour. And yet, as Adam Rosko tweeted yesterday afternoon:

Yeah. That. And I should know: For the past few hours, I’ve been putting the final touches on this edition of Comics Underground, and I’m excited—these creators are highlighting some fantastic work, from Tally’s charming-as-hell real-life stories to Jamie, Joëlle, and Nico’s ridiculous teen-witch shenanigans, to Greg’s surprisingly affecting Captain America short, to Kelly Sue’s sweet, funny look at youth and parenthood. I can’t wait to see how each of these creators are going to present their stories onstage, and I can’t wait to experience these stories with a crowd, and in other words? I’m already feeling pretty great about comics, and Comics Underground is still like 17 hours away.

Tonight will be fun. See you there.


*Not actually sold out.**


***Fine. It can’t even sell out. It’s free.

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